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We are experts at haulage non-motor insurance. We can offer:

Freight Liability:

  • RHA, CMR, FTA or Full Responsibility
  • Freight forwarding on BIFA conditions
  • Storage under UKWA Conditions
  • Cover available for damage to mixer drums
  • Cover automatically includes transhipment and recovery, cover on third-party trailers and containers, damage to incorrectly received goods and indirect loss*

Combined Liability:

  • Employers Liability, limit of indemnity £10,000,000
  • Public & Products Liability, limits of up to £10,000,000 available
  • Cover available for servicing and repair of third-party vehicles*


  • Cover available for offices, workshops, garages and warehouses.
  • Cover also available for stock and plant in the open.

One section can be taken or all three.

We have experience of developing insurance programmes for contracted, franchised and hired hauliers working in most haulage trades and industries.

* Subject to policy terms and conditions, click here to download a copy.

Cargo and Stock Throughput Cover

Who needs the cover?

  1. Importers of raw materials or finished goods (including cover for the final UK/UK transit to customers). 
  2. Manufacturers and exporters of finished goods.
  3. UK manufacturers sending goods to UK-based customers (including UK/UK inter-company movement).
  4. Businesses that have set up production facilities overseas and want to move material between countries including back to the UK.
  5. Importers, exporters or manufacturers who exhibit or attend trade shows within the UK or further afield and require cover for goods and equipment in transit to, from or at the exhibition. 
  6. Anyone hiring out goods that will be returned to the UK or which will not be subject to a sales or purchase invoice.
  7. Individuals moving their personal effects (including motor vehicles) within the UK or overseas.
  8. Commercial or private movements of motor vehicles, whether containerised or not. Also, we can provide cover on vintage vehicles.

Why arrange cover?

Because the carrier’s liability is often limited to a very small sum.

For example, a client carrier recently reported a claim for loss of goods valued at £500,000. Under CMR the carrier’s liability would be restricted to £31,745 (8.33 Special Drawing Rights per kg); under RHA 2009 liability would be restricted to £4,550 (£1,300 per tonne).

If the owner of the goods arranges their own cargo cover, they can be assured of receiving full compensation for their loss.

What cover can we provide?

With XL Catlin we provide cover for transits by air, sea or land under Institute Cargo Clauses:

  1. A – All Risks
  2. B or C – Named Perils
  3. Air – Air Freight, all risks

With RSA we provide cover on an All Risks (unless otherwise excluded) policy. We can also provide Stock Throughput Cover. This provides continuous and comprehensive “cradle to grave” cover for goods whilst in transit to or from overseas; whilst in storage (UK or overseas) and until delivery to your customer. Stock Throughput Cover eliminates gaps in, or duplication of, cover from commencement of shipment to you, through storage to final delivery to your customer. It allows claims to be handled more efficiently as the insurer does not have to consider at what point in the transit the claim occurred, and whether it should be more properly directed to someone else’s insurer.


What’s a Courier?

Everyone knows what a courier is, right?

The reality though, is defining when a business ceases to be a courier and becomes a light haulier or a general haulier is surprisingly difficult.

In the “good old days” (whenever those were) a courier was: “a messenger, usually traveling in haste, bearing urgent news, important reports or packages, diplomatic messages, etc.” (

The rise of internet shopping and the desire of organisations like Amazon to deliver packages moments after the last mouse click led to couriers moving into the parcel delivery space that had previously been occupied by organisations like the Royal Mail and Parcelforce.

These days we now tend to think of a “courier” as being a parcel delivery organisation rather than a messenger travelling in haste.

The problem is that a parcel can range in size from a single envelope, to a sofa, to pretty much anything else that can be ordered over the internet. It’s therefore difficult to define a courier by the size of item carried, by the type of carriage (urgent vs non-urgent delivery), by the type of vehicle used or by their conditions of trade.

The Provego Courier Scheme covers anyone running vehicles up to 7.5T GVW:

  • typically undertaking multiple drops;
  • carrying parcels and packages, including the occasional movement of single items of furniture not forming part of a household move;
  • trading under no particular conditions of carriage;
  • who may be independent or work for a network.

What cover is available?

We have a bespoke courier policy underwritten by RSA that provides:

  1. Freight Liability Cover on an all risks basis – Full Value Vehicle Limits from £10,000 to £50,000 are available. Cover automatically includes loss or damage to handheld portable scanners and also the cost of recreating lost documents that were being carried in the vehicle.
  2. Full or Temporary Employers’ Liability cover – Full cover is available where there are full-time employees and temporary cover is available for self-employed drivers who need the ability to employ a substitute a driver if they are sick or on holiday.
  3. Public Liability cover with limits of indemnity available of £1m, £2m, £5m or £10m.

Where the firm has a warehouse or offices we can add Property Cover to the package.

One section may be taken or all sections can be taken.

You can access our Courier Product by requesting a login for Provego Online at

If you already have a login then click here to access Provego Online.


The Provego Removers’ scheme is designed for self-employed removers and small businesses, who may be independent or a member of one of the removers' trade associations.

We can cover anything from a man-and-van start-up through to multi-vehicle risks.

We’ll cover house moves, office moves and furniture delivery. We’ll even cover a bit of courier work – all under one simple policy. Cover can also be extended to include removals from the UK to Continental Europe.

What cover is available?

We can provide the following:

  1. Freight liability cover on an all risks basis – Full Value Vehicle Limits from £5,000 to £50,000 are available.
  2. The cover provided on household goods is new replacement (indemnity cover is provided on office or factory contents).
  3. An inventory is only required for Full Value Vehicle Limits of £25,000 or more and only for items valued at over £500.

We can also add Employers’ Liability, Public Liability and cover for warehouses and offices.

Taxi, Minibus and Coach Liability


This scheme, which is underwritten by China Re, is designed for risks ranging from a single self-employed taxi driver to coach businesses running 50 or more vehicles. 

Who needs the cover?

Any taxi, bus or coach business:

  1. employing people - whether on a temporary or full-time basis;
  2. that has offices or workshops;
  3. that has a motor policy with restrictions on loading and unloading;
  4. where the driver is likely to leave the vehicle for any purpose connected with the business.

What cover is available?

  1. Full or Temporary Employers’ Liability cover – Full cover is available where there are full-time employees and temporary cover is available for self-employed drivers who need the ability to employ a substitute driver if they are sick or on holiday.
  2. Public Liability cover - with limits of indemnity available of £1m, £2m, £5m or £10m.

Tools in Transit

This policy, underwritten by RSA, is designed to cover tradespeople who need to carry their tools of trade around with them in a vehicle. Cover includes tools and demonstration samples.

Who needs the cover?

Any tradesperson who needs to carry their tools of trade (including demonstration samples) with them in a vehicle and who leaves the vehicle unattended overnight during a typical working week.

What cover is available?

Cover is available for single or multiple vehicle risks and sums insured of between £1,000 and £10,000 per vehicle can be selected. Premiums start at £50 plus IPT.

The policy covers tools left in the vehicle including overnight providing:

  1. The tools are concealed in a cargo or luggage compartment;
  2. All doors and windows are locked and the keys are removed from the vehicle;
  3. The vehicle is parked:
  • In a locked compound, or
  • In a hotel car park, or
  • On your driveway, or
  • On a well-lit street adjacent to your hotel or home.

If you’re interested in this policy it is only available to brokers having a Provego agency through our quote and buy site.  Click here to access.  If you need a log-in please email us at